Bukit Suria

Developed by Tricrop Properties Sdn Bhd, grouped under Projects
15 May 2003

General Info

Bukit Suria was conceived with the intention of giving you a rich colourful backdrop on which to build your home. The enticing blend of lush greenery and myriad of colourful flora of its perfectly manicured private gardens, along with its impressive streetscape all play a part in this being the ideal location for your residence.

Beauty is the creation of nature. As a tribute to its wondrous works, Bukit Suria was conceptualized as a brilliant bouquet celebrating its colours and splendor.

Designed for the creative visionary, Bukit Suria captures the heart of the modern-day renaissance man, the kind of person who applies a progressive and innovative methodology to every aspect of their life. Not just a person of vision, but one of action. Someone like you.

Bukit Suria is a low density closely guarded community, nestled within the safety of a single-access walled parameter. Watched round-the-clock by a trusted security team, Bukit Suria offers you the peace of mind that you and your family are always in good hands here.

Strategically placed at the creast of a rapidly growing locale, Bukit Suria affords you all the privileges of exclusivity while opening doors to a world of new opportunity. It truly is a home that both reflects, and enhances your progressive lifestyle.

Its ideal location adjacent to an existing well established township and another under current development with large commercial content, will provide the residents of Bukit Suria access to all the necessary amenities and open new doors of opportunity as well.